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Deux choses amères et une chose douce

First publication in France of one of the novels of the Italian-American author, Tiziana Rinaldi.

Breathtaking, energizing, musical and deeply human.

This story is about the fight of women -mainly- and men, against the injustice and absurdity caused by evil. The darkest…and most desperate. The musical references render with accuracy the facts, the feelings, the bruises, the hopes of a scattered and yet omnipresent family.

Oneirism rubs shoulders with bitterness and the most bitter solitude. But Lula, a key character, will never let herself be defeated. She will dissect each moment of her life to rebuild herself. Step by step.

This novel is a broth of energy.

Senlis, racines et avenir

Following the success of the first edition of its book, Cap Régions Éditions is opening a subscription for a second edition, a new updated and enriched edition scheduled for release in late 2022.