About Cap Régions Éditions

Our publishing house collaborates with the best authors in their respective fields.
It publishes historical and scientific works as well as artist monographs.
With an innovative approach to history and the most up-to-date knowledge for each published theme.
Our publications are sums of knowledge and iconographically rich.
The majority of the texts and visuals are first publications.
The book transgresses time to become a companion of knowledge.

If the great majority of books published by Cap Régions Éditions are abundantly illustrated, it is because its creators are originally photographers. The language of the image strongly marks the editorial line. We love words for their power of information and their irreplaceable evocative power. They open doors to knowledge and emotion.

The texts and photographs combine with intelligence and elegance to make each book dynamic and informative.
Whatever the theme, subject or location, we work in harmony with each project owner.

The whole team is dedicated to it:

Designer / Graphic designer / Photographers / Proofreaders
Translators / Cartographer / Technical Manager / Editorial Manager

Discover some of the participants in our books:

AGACHE Roger, author – Archaeologist teaching researcher Ϯ

ALLARD Christine, author – Director of Communication

ANGOTTI Pierre, author – Lawyer

d’ARNOULT Dominique, author – Professor of History at the Sorbonne

AYCARD Julie, author – Doctor in History and Archaeology

BARRETTE Pierre, speaker – Lawyer

BAULARD Anick, author – French teacher

BEAUDEQUIN Michelle, Author – Editor

BECHET Roger, speaker

BERNARD Jean-Louis, author – Engineer at INRAP

BERNARD Philippe, photographer

BERNARD Alain J.-M., author – Professor of geography and socio-economics at the Université Technologique de Compiègne

BERNET Jacques, author – Emeritus Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Valenciennes

BLANCHEGORGE Eric, speaker – Historian

BLANCHET Jean-Claude, author – Archaeologist and Honorary Inspector General of Architecture and Heritage

BLOT Gérard, photographer

BODIN Gilles, author – Vice President of the Senlis Historical and Archaeological Society

BONNARD Jean-Yves, author – Doctor in Geography

BREMARD Nicole, intervener – Speaker-guide

CALLAIS François, author – History teacher

CASSOU Daniel, Author – Editor-in-Chief

CHAUCHOY Philippe, speaker – Psychoanalyst

CHODORGE Philippe, lecturer – High School Principal

CLOWEZ Philippe, author – Doctor of Pharmacy

CURTIL Jean-Claude, author – Lawyer

CYPRIEN Matthias, author – High school principal

CZIFFRA Isabelle, author – President of the Fondation Cziffra

DARRAS Pierre, speaker – Writer

DASSONVILLE Arnaud, speaker – Curator

DE MEDLEGE Henry, speaker – Colonel

DE PAILLETTE Sophie, author – Editor-in-Chief

DEBOISE Franck, author – Engineer

DELAIRE Bernard, author – Pharmacist

DELAUGUE Maurice, author – Researcher regional historian, Member of the History and Archaeology Society of Senlis

DISANT Guy, author – Colonel

DREUX Jacques, author – Managing Director of a multinational company

DUBOIS Laure, speaker

DUFOIS Gilbert, author – Gallery owner

DULAUROY-LYNCH Hélène, author – Archaeologist

DUMAY Didier, author – Water and Forestry Engineer

DUPONT Aurélie, author – Architecture and Heritage Facilitator

DURAND Marc, author – Doctorate in Archaeology and Ethnology (EHESS)

DUTOURD Jean, author – Academician

DUVIGNEAU Christine, speaker

ELOY Cédric, author – Stage Manager

ESPEISSE Florence, author – Stud Farm Manager

ESTIENNE Jean, author – Director of Charters

FAU Elise, author – Curator

FELICE Eric, speaker

FERCOQ DU LESLAY Gérard, speaker – Archaeologist

FEREMBACH Miriam, Author Ϯ

FINDINIER Benjamin, author – Museum Curator

FOUBERT Michel, author – Chemical engineer

FOUCAUT Daniel, author – High School Principal

FRANCOIS Arielle, author – Engineer ESCOM

GILIBERT Antoine, author – President company (des courses de Compiègne)

GILLET Pierre-Emmanuel, author – Doctor in History

GUYON Yves, author – Director of Culture

HARDIER Thierry, author – Professor of history PhD student

HAZO Madeleine, author – Art critic

HESMONDHALGH Sally, translator

ISELIN Claire, Author – Curator

ISHII Toshiji author Academy Director

JACQUES Gilberte, author

JEAN Claude, author – Director of the DRAC

LABORIE Vaneyssa, author – Engineer

LABOURET Marc, speaker

LAFFITTE Katia, author – Editor

LE GOFF Martine, author – Librarian

LEADER Malcolm, Translator – Ambassador

LECLERC Patricia, Author – Director

LECURU Jean-Claude, speaker – Collector

LEROUGE Evelyne, author – Art critic

LESGUILLONS Catherine, author – Graduate in History (the Sorbonne)

LITTLEFAIR Corey, photographer

LOISELEUR Pascale, author – Manager

LUCOT Yves-Marie, Author – Journalist

LUFT Nadine, author – Director of Communications

LYSIK Lyne, Author – College Principal

MAC DONALD CHAPMAN Patricia, author – Novelist

MARINI Monique, Author – Editor

MARINI Philippe, author – Economic Engineer

MARTENS Dominique, author – Show Designer

MC KELLAR Rune, translator

MESSAGE Jacques, author – Professor of Modern Literature

MEYER Hélène, Author – Heritage Conservator

MONTIER Philippe, speaker – Archpriest

MOQUET Frédéric, author

MOREAU Pierre-Arthur, teacher-researcher

PARSIS Pascale, author – Journalist

PASQUIER Eric, photographer – Orthodontist

PASQUIER Matthieu, photographer – Engineer

PETIT Alice, author – Writer and Art Critic

PLATEL Catherine, collector – Laborantine

POPINEAU Jean-Marc, author – Doctor of History and Medieval Civilization

POTEL Odile, speaker

PRADIE-OTTINGER Bénédicte, author – Graduate of the École du Patrimoine, Museum Curator Ϯ

RACINET Philippe, author – Professor of Medieval History and Archaeology at the University of Picardie Jules Verne

RACINET Sabine, author – Associate Professor of Classics, PhD in History and Archaeology

RAEPSAET Georges, speaker – Archaeologist Professor Université libre de Bruxelles

ROBERT Georges, photographer

ROLAND Lara, author

ROSA Sergio, lecturer – Art historian

ROSE Didier, author – Director C.R.C.I.

ROUCHAUD Eric, author – Theatre Director

SETIAUX Régine, intervener – Production assistant

SIBERTIN-BLANC DURAND Brigitte, author – Curator General of Libraries

SIBILLE Elisabeth, author – Editor

SIX Christophe, speaker – Conductor

SOUBIRAN Philippe, photographer – Company director

TELLIER Christophe, author – Master Engineer in City Services and Sports

TELLIER Stéphane, photographer

TERRIER Hervé, photographer

THUILLOT Philippe, speaker – Société d’Histoire et d’Archéologie de Senlis

TIMBERT Arnaud, author – Professor of Medieval Art History and lecturer

TISSOT Yves, photographer

TIXIER Jean-François, photographer

TRIBOUT Bertrand, author

VASSEUR Jean-François, author – Historian and teacher

VASSEUR Jean-Marc, author – Historian

VAURS Pierre, author – Marguillier

VERMAND Dominique, photographer

VERMEIREN Stéphane, photographer

VICHE Jean-Claude, author

VO DUY Loan, author – Engineer

VO DUY Thành, author – Cardiologist

WEBB Garry, author – Therapist

WIBAUX Thomas, photographer

WOIMANT Georges-Pierre, author – Archaeologist, Honorary Territorial Chief Curator of Heritage

YVINEC Jean-Hervé, speaker

  • Livre Peintures de l'âme
    Peintures de l'âme
  • Livre Morilles de France et d'Europe
    Morilles de France et d'Europe
  • Livre 39/45 dans l'Oise
    39/45 dans l'Oise
  • Livre 14/18 dans l'Oise
    14/18 dans l'Oise
  • Livre Destins d’églises en Picardie
    Destins d'églises en Picardie
  • Livre Destins d’églises du nord de la France
    Destins d'églises du nord de la France
  • Livre Abdallah tirailleur tunisien
    Abdallah, tirailleur tunisien
  • Livre Van Hao Phung Nus
    Van Hao Phung Nus-Mouvance et Couleurs
  • Livre Les Secrets de la Lanterne des Morts
    Les Secrets de la Lanterne des Morts
  • Livre Domjan
    Joseph-Ladislas Domjan
  • Livre Noyon
  • Livre Vallée de l'Automne
    Vallée de l'Automne

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